martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

7 + 8/11/2011

Hi! my Unesco card collection is getting bigger little by little, thanks to all people who offered me swap, that's great, i'm so happy! I also saw that we already have Christmas stamps here. I bought one, when i get the other one i will show them to you :)

Yesterday I got mail from Spain, both cards Unesco sites, from Famalubel. Thank you very much, they are awesome!
The first one is The Palmeral of Elche, Unesco World Heritage in year 2000.  It's a big amount of palm trees into the city of Elche, the biggest palm tree forest in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. It's dated in the fifth century BC and was brought by the muslims when they occupied the Iberian peninsula.

The second card is San Millán de la Cogolla monastery. The place is formed by Suso and Yuso monasteries and it was declared Unesco World Heritage in 1997. The writing study of the monastery is one of the oldest in Europe and that makes it a big culture center. Many pilgrims that walked to Santiago de Compostela made a break to their route to visit San Millán.

Today's mail has been a couple cards,  another Unesco for my collection and one from China.
The first one is the historic centre of Tallinn, Estonia. It's the first estonian card i receive! Historic centre of Tallinn is Unesco World Heritage since 1997. Tallinn is considered an awesome and well preserved example of medieval northern european trading city. It was built in XIII century by knights of Teutonic Order and its developement let it became one of the main centers of the Hanseatic League. Thank you very much Heidi!

And last card today came from China, with China meets the world tag. I love landscape cards because they make me feel good, they show places where it seems you could take a break, breathe deep and just relax and enjoy the view.  In this card we can see an ancient Banyan tree, it represents old age in Hindu culture because old people used to sit down in the basement of the tree to avoid heat and make reunions. Thank you very much Yunshui!

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