jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

26 + 27/10/2011

Hello Postcrossers! How are you? How is your autumn going? Here's been a dark rainy and windy week, the storm doesn't want to go! I got 3 cards that put a smile in that bad weather week, a couple yesterday and one today. Here they go:

First one received from Taiwan, Dragon and Tiger pagodas. This place looks so amazing that makes me want to go there one day! Thank you very much Vita!!

Second one was a beautiful cat from Russia, i loved it because i've never had that cat breed, it would be great to have it someday! Thank you very much Pavel!!

And last card is a very special card for me because it's the first Postcrossing lottery i've won! A cute hawaiian Kitty! Thank you very much Arianne!

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

My very little stamp collection

When i was a child i started collecting stamps, but as many things you do as a child i dropped it after some time. I need to rescue this old collection from my parent's house. Month and half ago, when i decided to start with Postcrossing i thought I could begin again, it's never late!
In this 45 days in PC i've collected this spanish stamps:

This ones are about civic values: protect people with handicaps, reminder to put on the safety belt, keep respect in internet and not to forget to keep the city clean when you walk your dog.

The first one below is about promoting new types of energy, the second one to promote equal opportunities between men and women at work. 

Four butterflies: Charaxes jasius, Melanargia ines, Papilio machaon and   Argynnis adippe.  

The following one is about biodiversity and oceanography, honoring International biodiversity year in 2010.

Next four are spanish modernism ceramics from Manises (Valencia)

Four important men, Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (Writer, jurist and politician), Rafael Azcona (Scriptwriter), Luis Rosales (Poet, essayist and member of the Real Spanish Academy) and Mario Vargas LLosa (Peruvian writer, Nobel prize in literature, 2010) 

Last ones, the first from World Youth Day celebrated last august, and a postbox from Postal Union of Americas, Spain and Portugal.

I'll keep showing you my stamp collection as it grows!

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011


Friday mail!

If yesterday i was surprised with sushi card, today its time for chocolates and sweets! With this yummy cards my diet is in danger! ;)  This delicious postcard came from Nederland with Europa stamp. Thank you very much Lysanne!

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011


Today the postman arrived very early! I got this yummy card from Japan- World tag, it made me hungry! I remembered the day i went to Tokyo Tsukiji fish market, we got into a restaurant and ate fresh sushi, one of the most delicious meals in my life!
Thank you very much Kazumi!

miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011


Yesterday i had an awesome surprise! I was at 9 cards sent, 9 received, and that morning I had changed to 10 cards sent. I wasn't expecting any postcrossing mail, but when i opened my mailbox there were 3 official cards waiting for me!
I have already read that those "odd" things with postcrossing could happen, but i didn't thought it could happen to me and so soon!

So, here are the three official cards i received yesterday:

One native american from US, a very cool card with interesting stamps! Thank you very much Lelia!

A beautiful view of Scotland's River Garry. Scottish landscapes are wonderful, i wish i could travel to Scotland one day! Thank you very much Marta!

And last but not least, a card from Barcelona with typical cats from Malta, they are gorgeous! Thank you very much Àngel!

lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011


Hello Postcrossers!
This weekend i decided to start collecting UNESCO world heritage cards.  For now i only have Borobudur temple in Indonesia, but that's a start point! It would be awesome to have all heritage list in beautiful cards! I joined two swaps, one from UNESCO cards and other Japan - rest of the world. It's the first time i join a tag swap. I've sent the cards today, hope they arrive soon!

Nice way to start the week, receiving a couple official cards!

The first one is from Blütenstadt, Germany. I love this city name, translated in english is Blossomtown. That's very interesting learning with each card i receive! Thank you very much Carina!

The second one is a cute Hello Kitty card from Nederland. It was a curious thing to learn that Dutch are the tallest people in Europe! I am 1m53cm myself, small girl! Thank  you very much Lenskee!

viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

13 and 14/10/2011

The 13th i received this card from China, it's a Cervantes statue in Pekin university. I was so curious and happy to know that they have the Quijote's writer statue there!  Thank you very much Li Jingyu!

And today, 14th of october, i received that kawaii card from Japan, it's Domo-Kun and it came with Hello Kitty stamp! It's adorable! Thank you very much Renn!

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011


Yesterday i got this awesome card from Indonesia:

I loved it because visiting Borobudur temple is one of my dreams, hope i can make it true one day! Thank you very much Silvia!!

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011


Third post today, because i've just received an adorable cat card from Czech Republic :) Thank you very much Tanya! One of my cats is very alike this one!


I should have thought about this before :)

With each card i receive i'm going to add it's stamp, because there are very beautiful and nice stamps that deserve to be posted too!!

So, as i still have few posts in my blog i'm going to edit each one to add them :)

I got more mail!!

Last week i got this three cards:

From swap, this beautiful card from Taiwan, it's West Lake from China :)  Thank you very much Vita!!

And from official postcrossing:

This one from Russia, St Petersburg. St Petersburg old centre is in Unesco World Heritage list! Thank you Nastia812!

And this one from Barcelona, Thank you and happy honeymoon Julia!

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