jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

26 + 27/10/2011

Hello Postcrossers! How are you? How is your autumn going? Here's been a dark rainy and windy week, the storm doesn't want to go! I got 3 cards that put a smile in that bad weather week, a couple yesterday and one today. Here they go:

First one received from Taiwan, Dragon and Tiger pagodas. This place looks so amazing that makes me want to go there one day! Thank you very much Vita!!

Second one was a beautiful cat from Russia, i loved it because i've never had that cat breed, it would be great to have it someday! Thank you very much Pavel!!

And last card is a very special card for me because it's the first Postcrossing lottery i've won! A cute hawaiian Kitty! Thank you very much Arianne!

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