lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011


Hello Postcrossers!
This weekend i decided to start collecting UNESCO world heritage cards.  For now i only have Borobudur temple in Indonesia, but that's a start point! It would be awesome to have all heritage list in beautiful cards! I joined two swaps, one from UNESCO cards and other Japan - rest of the world. It's the first time i join a tag swap. I've sent the cards today, hope they arrive soon!

Nice way to start the week, receiving a couple official cards!

The first one is from Blütenstadt, Germany. I love this city name, translated in english is Blossomtown. That's very interesting learning with each card i receive! Thank you very much Carina!

The second one is a cute Hello Kitty card from Nederland. It was a curious thing to learn that Dutch are the tallest people in Europe! I am 1m53cm myself, small girl! Thank  you very much Lenskee!

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