miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011


Yesterday i had an awesome surprise! I was at 9 cards sent, 9 received, and that morning I had changed to 10 cards sent. I wasn't expecting any postcrossing mail, but when i opened my mailbox there were 3 official cards waiting for me!
I have already read that those "odd" things with postcrossing could happen, but i didn't thought it could happen to me and so soon!

So, here are the three official cards i received yesterday:

One native american from US, a very cool card with interesting stamps! Thank you very much Lelia!

A beautiful view of Scotland's River Garry. Scottish landscapes are wonderful, i wish i could travel to Scotland one day! Thank you very much Marta!

And last but not least, a card from Barcelona with typical cats from Malta, they are gorgeous! Thank you very much Àngel!

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