viernes, 28 de octubre de 2016

Yawning kitty


Today I want to show you my first postcard from Belarus. It shows a cute yawning kitty into a beach bucket. This card made me smile with tenderness. I don't know if the cat was put there for the photo, but as a cat owner i know how much they love getting inside things and i have many memories of my kitties playing inside empty flowerpots.

The postcard came with three beautiful stamps. One from Bird Life International with an Eurasian curlew, a bird that breeds across Europe and Asia. It's easily recognizable by its shape, with a large curved beak and by its beautiful chirp.
The other two stamps have flower illustrations, garden tulips and narcissus.

Thank you very much, Irina!

lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

Matryoshka dolls


Today I want to show you a postcard with matryoshka dolls that came from Russia. I loved it so much because matryoshkas bring me rememberings of my childhood. My mother had one set of dolls and I loved playing with them.

A matryoshka is a set of traditional russian dolls. They are made of wood, have different sizes and they are hollow inside, so each doll you open you find a smaller one inside it. Matryoshka sets use to have a minimum os 5 dolls, they can have more pieces but always odd numbered. The most common set represents a woman dressed in a traditional russian dress, but you can also find other representations, as the animals or Father Christmas you can see in the postcard, russian politicians, celebrities and even movie or tv show inspired ones. The largest known matryoshka set goes up to 75 dolls!

The postcard came with six stamps, two from Moscow Kremlin and four with a hare.

Thank you very much, Egor!

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016

Komodo dragon


Today I want to show you a postcard that came from Indonesia with a gorgeous Komodo dragon.

Komodo National Park was declared a UNESCO WHS in 1991. It includes the islands of Komodo, Padar and Rinka and 26 smaller islands. It's original purpose was to protect the Komodo Dragon, the world's largest lizard, and nowadays it protects the biodiversity of the area.  
Komodo dragons can grow to a maximum length of 3 meters, weigh around 70 kg and their life expectancy is around 30 years. They are a survivor species of very large lizards that once lived in Indonesia and Australia. They are carnivorous and venomous, and as a result of their size, they dominate the ecosystems in which they live.
Komodo dragons are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and protected under indonesian law. Komodo National Park was founded to help their protection.

The stamps were awesome too, pictures of indonesian animals and plants. One with the Malayan bear and and a Titan arum, a plant with the largest flowers in the world. The second one with a Twelve-wired bird of paradise and a Pometia pinnata, a tropical fruit tree. And the last one with a Blue crowned hanging parrot and an Oncosperma tigillarium, a palm tree species.

Thank you very much, Shinta!

lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

European Shorthair cat


Today I want to show you one of the postcards I've received recently. It came from Czech Republic and it shows a gorgeous European Shorthair black and white cat.

I've loved it so much because it looks almost like my Sheldon, not only by it's colours but by it's proud appearance. Have a look and compare :)

The postcard came with a stamp from the timber cottages and houses from Bohemia and with two stickers, one a cute kitty and the other a happy smiley.


Thank you very much, Alena!
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