lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

Matryoshka dolls


Today I want to show you a postcard with matryoshka dolls that came from Russia. I loved it so much because matryoshkas bring me rememberings of my childhood. My mother had one set of dolls and I loved playing with them.

A matryoshka is a set of traditional russian dolls. They are made of wood, have different sizes and they are hollow inside, so each doll you open you find a smaller one inside it. Matryoshka sets use to have a minimum os 5 dolls, they can have more pieces but always odd numbered. The most common set represents a woman dressed in a traditional russian dress, but you can also find other representations, as the animals or Father Christmas you can see in the postcard, russian politicians, celebrities and even movie or tv show inspired ones. The largest known matryoshka set goes up to 75 dolls!

The postcard came with six stamps, two from Moscow Kremlin and four with a hare.

Thank you very much, Egor!

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