martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

10 and 11/11/2011

Busy weeks come with lots of mail to show at their end! Here is what i received last Thursday and Friday:

Card from Ukraine, from Swap with slavic and eastern EU countries. My first postcard from Ukraine! Four playful kitties that remembered me my own. Thank you very much Daria!

Card from Taiwan, typical street view from Taipei with red lights hanging. I see there the special charm of asian typical streets, it seems a very interesting place to visit! Thank you very much Hsinchieh!

From private Unesco swap, i got a card from Romania, my first one too from this country! Thank you very much Violeta!
In this card we can see historic centre of Sighisoara, declared Unesco World Heritage in 1999. It's a beautiful city situated in historic region of Transilvania which has preserved the typical features of a small medieval fortified city. It's the city where Vlad Tepes was born, the one who inspired Bram Stoker to his novel Dracula.

Another card came from Russia,  this one from Unesco tag. Thank you very much Irina! We can see here Red Square and Kremlin, in Moscow, declared Unesco World Heritage in 1990. Moscow's Kremlin is a fortified group of civil and religious buildings placed in the heart of Moscow in front of Moscva river. Is the most known of the russian Kremlin and includes four palaces and four cathedrals fortified by Kremlin's wall. Since XIII century it has been attached to the most important historical and political events in Russia. In Red Square we can find St Basil's cathedral, built by tzar Ivan the Terrible's mandatory. It's an usual mistake to think that St Basil's cathedral is part of the Kremlin because of its proximity to it, but it's not part of it.

The only postcard i received on friday 11/11/2011 was an awesome surprise for me. It came from England and shows the city of Bath. My surprise came when i saw the stamps, two of them are about english participation in Barcelona's Olympic and Paralympic games in 1992! It brought me back some sweet memories! Thank you very much Ichabodhides!
City of Bath was declared Unesco World Heritage in 1987. It was founded by the romans next to a thermal spring and became an important centre for wool industry in the Middle Ages. Its architecture and nature around the area mix perfectly with the roman spa. The Pump Room, Bath Abbey, one of the last great medieval churches in England and the Royal Crescent make Bath a very interesting city rich in culture and heritage.

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011


Last wednesday my mailbox was full of Unesco cards. In fact, all week has been very fruitful for my collection! I have been very busy and i had no time to update with the postcards received, but let's go with the first one, Wednesday 9/11/2011

First pair of cards came from Germany, private swap with SarahKristin. Thank you very much Sarah!
In this card we can see the Kaiserpfalz of Goslar, palace of german Palatine princes. Historic town of Goslar was declared, together with its mines and Upper Harz water management system, Unesco World Heritage in 1992. Rammelsberg-Goslar is the largest and longest-lived mining complex in Central Europe, its role was  very important in Europe's economy. This water management system was constructed in Middle Ages by Cistercian monks, and has been developed through years becoming a perfect innovative system which uses water power to use in mining process.

In this card we can see russian Alexandrowka colony in Potsdam. It was built by Frederick William III tribute to the memory of his friend  Zar Alexander I and its inspired in traditional russian architecture. The colony is formed by a group of 13 houses placed in shape of St Andrew's cross. The colony houses owners have the privilege that its houses can only be transmitted from parents to sons. Russian Alexandrowka colony is part of palaces and parks of Potsdam and Berlin, Unesco World Heritage in 1990.

Another private swap of Unesco cards came from Germany too,  thank you very much Anke!
In the first card we can see Porta Nigra, part of the roman monuments of Trier, declared Unesco World Heritage in 1986 together with other Trier roman monuments, Cathedral of St Peter and Church of Our Lady.
Porta Nigra was built in the 2nd century as entrance gate to Trier. Its name is due to the color of the stone, dark because of humidity.

The second card is from Potsdam too, in Unesco's list as Palaces and parks of Potsdam and Berlin declared in 1990, with extensions in 1992 and 1999. We can see three palaces, Sanssouci, summer palace of Frederick the Great, king of Prussia; Neues Palais, situated on the west side of Sansouci Royal Park and considered to be the last great Prussian baroque palace; and Orangerie, built by Frederick William IV of Prussia.

In this last card we can see Hanseatic city of Wismar. Historic centres of Wismar and Stralsund were declared Unesco World Heritage in 2002. Stralsund and Wismar were major trading centers of the Hanseatic League during XIV and XV centuries. Their historic centres have very characteristic building types and thecniques of Brick Gothic in the Baltic region.

And last but not least, another private swap of Unesco cards from Italy. It's the first mail i receive from there! Thank you very much Cfcfede!
First card is from Alberobello, a small italian city whose Trulli were declared Unesco World Heritage in 1996. Trulli are examples of prehistoric building thecnique of the region. In mid XIV century there was a mandatory to build houses with only dry stone, and the population found the round structure the most useful to build their houses. They decorated Trulli's peaks with religious, zodiac or other mystic symbols.

Second one shows a beautiful square and church of Amalfi. Amalfi coast was declared Unesco World Heritage in 1997 due to its natural beauty and diversity and cultural richness with unique and characteristic buildings. It's also famous for its production of Limoncello, italian typical liquor.

martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

7 + 8/11/2011

Hi! my Unesco card collection is getting bigger little by little, thanks to all people who offered me swap, that's great, i'm so happy! I also saw that we already have Christmas stamps here. I bought one, when i get the other one i will show them to you :)

Yesterday I got mail from Spain, both cards Unesco sites, from Famalubel. Thank you very much, they are awesome!
The first one is The Palmeral of Elche, Unesco World Heritage in year 2000.  It's a big amount of palm trees into the city of Elche, the biggest palm tree forest in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. It's dated in the fifth century BC and was brought by the muslims when they occupied the Iberian peninsula.

The second card is San Millán de la Cogolla monastery. The place is formed by Suso and Yuso monasteries and it was declared Unesco World Heritage in 1997. The writing study of the monastery is one of the oldest in Europe and that makes it a big culture center. Many pilgrims that walked to Santiago de Compostela made a break to their route to visit San Millán.

Today's mail has been a couple cards,  another Unesco for my collection and one from China.
The first one is the historic centre of Tallinn, Estonia. It's the first estonian card i receive! Historic centre of Tallinn is Unesco World Heritage since 1997. Tallinn is considered an awesome and well preserved example of medieval northern european trading city. It was built in XIII century by knights of Teutonic Order and its developement let it became one of the main centers of the Hanseatic League. Thank you very much Heidi!

And last card today came from China, with China meets the world tag. I love landscape cards because they make me feel good, they show places where it seems you could take a break, breathe deep and just relax and enjoy the view.  In this card we can see an ancient Banyan tree, it represents old age in Hindu culture because old people used to sit down in the basement of the tree to avoid heat and make reunions. Thank you very much Yunshui!

viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

3 + 4/11/2011

Hello Postcrossers! Finally it's friday! Hope you all have a nice weekend!  I end the week with 4 more cards, two received yesterday and a couple more today. Here they go!

Yesterday's first one came from Russia. It was a great surprise because i had favourited it time ago in Postcrossing postcard gallery. Train stamps postcard, that came with two unique stamps. Thank you very much Kate!

Second one yesterday came from Nederland. It's a cool Sphynx breed cat, i'm so used to cats with hair that this one seems so odd! Sphynx cats seem to have no hair, but they have it, only it's very thin and short. Their appearance comes from a genetic mutation that happened in Canada in the sixties. Thank you very much John!

The first one from today it's an official card from Canada, my first one from the country! It's also one that i had favourited in my postcard gallery, beautiful landscape from canadian BANFF National Park situated in Rocky Mountains. It came with a cute polar bear stamp! Thank you very much Olena!

And last card has been a huge surprise. It came from Pamplona (Spain) from the first Pamplona - Madrid postcrossers meeting. In it you can see a monument symbol of Navarese freedom built in 1903. The statues in the middle represent work, peace, justice, autonomy and history. And the top statue is in memory of Navarra as historic kingdom of Spain. Thank you very much Soniasadin, Eriso and Victor!

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011


Today i've found my mailbox stuffed with 5 postcards! I've only been in PC for 55 days and it's the first time i get so many cards in a day. 5 cards for my 55 days! Mail came from Japan, Finland, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Germany. 

Official from Japan, Rilakkuma card! I love kawaii and cute things, and this card is the cutest i've ever seen and received. It came with Hello Kitty and bee in a flower stamps, and with a lovely pink postmark. Thank you very much Sumie!

Next official postcard came from Finland, it's the first finnish postcard i receive! It shows a beautiful landscape, a lake with cows that makes me feel and want to be there, it seems so peaceful! Thank you very much Pirjo!

This card came from Hong Kong, with tag "Hong Kong to the world". It's also the first i receive from the country. In it you can see Hong Kong clock tower, Declared Monument of Hong Kong in 1990 and Landmark from the age of Steam. It was part of the Kowloon - Canton Railway terminus. Thank you very much Kelly!

Next card is from "Choose a country" tag and came from Indonesia. It shows a scene from Balinese traditional rice harvest. It cames with three colorful stamps and one from Mohammad Natsir, who was Indonesia's fifth prime minister. Thank you very much Shinta!

And the fifth card is from "Tag within Europe". It came from Germany and it shows some views of Lübek, a Hanseatic town founded in XII century. Lübeck was included in Unesco's world heritage list in 1987 for being a unique ancient city with noble patrician residences, beautiful churches and old salt storehouses. Thank you very much Turtles!

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