domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

My very little stamp collection

When i was a child i started collecting stamps, but as many things you do as a child i dropped it after some time. I need to rescue this old collection from my parent's house. Month and half ago, when i decided to start with Postcrossing i thought I could begin again, it's never late!
In this 45 days in PC i've collected this spanish stamps:

This ones are about civic values: protect people with handicaps, reminder to put on the safety belt, keep respect in internet and not to forget to keep the city clean when you walk your dog.

The first one below is about promoting new types of energy, the second one to promote equal opportunities between men and women at work. 

Four butterflies: Charaxes jasius, Melanargia ines, Papilio machaon and   Argynnis adippe.  

The following one is about biodiversity and oceanography, honoring International biodiversity year in 2010.

Next four are spanish modernism ceramics from Manises (Valencia)

Four important men, Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (Writer, jurist and politician), Rafael Azcona (Scriptwriter), Luis Rosales (Poet, essayist and member of the Real Spanish Academy) and Mario Vargas LLosa (Peruvian writer, Nobel prize in literature, 2010) 

Last ones, the first from World Youth Day celebrated last august, and a postbox from Postal Union of Americas, Spain and Portugal.

I'll keep showing you my stamp collection as it grows!

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