martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

10 and 11/11/2011

Busy weeks come with lots of mail to show at their end! Here is what i received last Thursday and Friday:

Card from Ukraine, from Swap with slavic and eastern EU countries. My first postcard from Ukraine! Four playful kitties that remembered me my own. Thank you very much Daria!

Card from Taiwan, typical street view from Taipei with red lights hanging. I see there the special charm of asian typical streets, it seems a very interesting place to visit! Thank you very much Hsinchieh!

From private Unesco swap, i got a card from Romania, my first one too from this country! Thank you very much Violeta!
In this card we can see historic centre of Sighisoara, declared Unesco World Heritage in 1999. It's a beautiful city situated in historic region of Transilvania which has preserved the typical features of a small medieval fortified city. It's the city where Vlad Tepes was born, the one who inspired Bram Stoker to his novel Dracula.

Another card came from Russia,  this one from Unesco tag. Thank you very much Irina! We can see here Red Square and Kremlin, in Moscow, declared Unesco World Heritage in 1990. Moscow's Kremlin is a fortified group of civil and religious buildings placed in the heart of Moscow in front of Moscva river. Is the most known of the russian Kremlin and includes four palaces and four cathedrals fortified by Kremlin's wall. Since XIII century it has been attached to the most important historical and political events in Russia. In Red Square we can find St Basil's cathedral, built by tzar Ivan the Terrible's mandatory. It's an usual mistake to think that St Basil's cathedral is part of the Kremlin because of its proximity to it, but it's not part of it.

The only postcard i received on friday 11/11/2011 was an awesome surprise for me. It came from England and shows the city of Bath. My surprise came when i saw the stamps, two of them are about english participation in Barcelona's Olympic and Paralympic games in 1992! It brought me back some sweet memories! Thank you very much Ichabodhides!
City of Bath was declared Unesco World Heritage in 1987. It was founded by the romans next to a thermal spring and became an important centre for wool industry in the Middle Ages. Its architecture and nature around the area mix perfectly with the roman spa. The Pump Room, Bath Abbey, one of the last great medieval churches in England and the Royal Crescent make Bath a very interesting city rich in culture and heritage.

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