viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

3 + 4/11/2011

Hello Postcrossers! Finally it's friday! Hope you all have a nice weekend!  I end the week with 4 more cards, two received yesterday and a couple more today. Here they go!

Yesterday's first one came from Russia. It was a great surprise because i had favourited it time ago in Postcrossing postcard gallery. Train stamps postcard, that came with two unique stamps. Thank you very much Kate!

Second one yesterday came from Nederland. It's a cool Sphynx breed cat, i'm so used to cats with hair that this one seems so odd! Sphynx cats seem to have no hair, but they have it, only it's very thin and short. Their appearance comes from a genetic mutation that happened in Canada in the sixties. Thank you very much John!

The first one from today it's an official card from Canada, my first one from the country! It's also one that i had favourited in my postcard gallery, beautiful landscape from canadian BANFF National Park situated in Rocky Mountains. It came with a cute polar bear stamp! Thank you very much Olena!

And last card has been a huge surprise. It came from Pamplona (Spain) from the first Pamplona - Madrid postcrossers meeting. In it you can see a monument symbol of Navarese freedom built in 1903. The statues in the middle represent work, peace, justice, autonomy and history. And the top statue is in memory of Navarra as historic kingdom of Spain. Thank you very much Soniasadin, Eriso and Victor!

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