miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011


Today i've found my mailbox stuffed with 5 postcards! I've only been in PC for 55 days and it's the first time i get so many cards in a day. 5 cards for my 55 days! Mail came from Japan, Finland, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Germany. 

Official from Japan, Rilakkuma card! I love kawaii and cute things, and this card is the cutest i've ever seen and received. It came with Hello Kitty and bee in a flower stamps, and with a lovely pink postmark. Thank you very much Sumie!

Next official postcard came from Finland, it's the first finnish postcard i receive! It shows a beautiful landscape, a lake with cows that makes me feel and want to be there, it seems so peaceful! Thank you very much Pirjo!

This card came from Hong Kong, with tag "Hong Kong to the world". It's also the first i receive from the country. In it you can see Hong Kong clock tower, Declared Monument of Hong Kong in 1990 and Landmark from the age of Steam. It was part of the Kowloon - Canton Railway terminus. Thank you very much Kelly!

Next card is from "Choose a country" tag and came from Indonesia. It shows a scene from Balinese traditional rice harvest. It cames with three colorful stamps and one from Mohammad Natsir, who was Indonesia's fifth prime minister. Thank you very much Shinta!

And the fifth card is from "Tag within Europe". It came from Germany and it shows some views of Lübek, a Hanseatic town founded in XII century. Lübeck was included in Unesco's world heritage list in 1987 for being a unique ancient city with noble patrician residences, beautiful churches and old salt storehouses. Thank you very much Turtles!

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