lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2016

Miao baby


Today i want to show you a card that got me hypnotized by it's tenderness.

It came from Spain, my own country. It's a close up of a baby from Miao ethnic group. Miao's live mainly in southern China mountains, their nationality is recognized by the chinese government. Although they have their own language, nowadays most of them speak chinese as daily language. They live from farming, fishing, gathering and cattle raising. They worship the nature, the ancestors and the spirits.

The stamp prays "Todos con Lorca", meaning "We are all with Lorca". Lorca is a spanish city situated in the province of Murcia. The eleventh of may, 2011, the city was shaken by a 5.1 mw earthquake that caused nine deaths and important damages. The stamps were sent out with the purpose of helping Lorca's people after the catastrophe. The castle you can see in the stamp is a medieval fortress built between IX and XV centuries. It had an important role during the reconquest of Spain and it's considered a Site of Cultural Interest.

Thank you very much, Gabriela!

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