viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Back to Postcrossing!


I'm back to Postcrossing and i hope to stay for good this time :)

It's an awesome experience, i love getting mail, the happiness and the excitement i feel when i pick a new postcard from my mailbox, wishing to see from where it comes, and what does it tell me. I shouldn't have abandoned it. I've already taken pictures of all the mail i got back years ago, there's a great amount of cards and stamps, and i hope you to enjoy them as much as i did!

Today i've received the first postcard since i came back. It comes from Germany, and it shows a beautiful aerial view of Pfahlbau Museum, an archaeological open air museum situated on Lake Constance, in Unteruhldingen. 

Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps have been part of Unesco World Heritage since 2011. They were built from around 5000 to 500 B.C. on the edge of rivers, marshes or lakes. We can find 111 settlements located in different countries (Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland). Archaeological remais have revealed facts about neolithic and bronze age human beings's daily life and their relationship with the environment in the area.

The postcard came with this lovely stamp and a cute butterfly sticker.

Danke Schön, Bettina!

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